SOFTSWISS Shares Its Tips For Responsible Gambling

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SOFTSWISS, the global provider of software and content for online casinos and sports betting websites, has released some tips for responsible gambling, in anticipation of the 2023 European Safer Gambling Week.

The company underlines that responsible gambling is a very important aspect of its activity, not only because of license requirements in various jurisdictions but also because it represents one of the core values of the business.

SOFTSWISS also revealed that internal audits have demonstrated that the company is committed to responsible gambling practices beyond compliance and that its employees receive ongoing training for adherence to such practices.

The company has an Anti-Fraud Team in place which is in charge of dealing with license requirements but also with ensuring in-house research when it comes to responsible gambling procedures. Only this year the company’s Anti-Fraud Team has already processed more than 26,000 requests regarding lockouts of problematic players or notifications regarding at-risk players.

Ilya Nesterov, the Lead of the Anti-Fraud Team, admitted that he has noticed a “steady increase in the number of players under monitoring” but revealed that the increase is due to the company’s “expanded analysis of information, indicators, and metrics.”

Nesterov added that the Anti-Fraud Team implements “dedicated monitoring segments, differentiated by factors such as age, duration and time of activity, day or night” in order to protect vulnerable players.

Helped By An Automatic Tool

SOFTSWISS has also created an automatic tool which can monitor players’ activity and detect suspicious behaviors. The tool also evaluates risk levels by leveraging various metrics and indicators.

The company has also listed the core principles that are guiding its responsible gambling practices:

Knowledge Power, which means that SOFTSWISS invests in training programs for its employees in order to make them advocates for responsible gambling.

Player Empowerment, which describes the suite of tools that are provided to players, including opportunities to set deposit limits, session durations, and self-exclusion measures.

Analytics and Alerts, a principle which drives the company’s tech experts to continuously develop data analytics tools to monitor player behavior, detect unusual gambling patterns, and then promptly address concerns, adding a valuable contribution to a safe gambling environment.

Quarterly Analysis – The Anti-Fraud Team goes into the data and analyzes it in order to develop new methods to address challenges effectively.

Operator and Customer-Centric Procedures, which stands for educating operators and making customer well-being a priority.

Regular Check-Ups which means that the company performs periodic audits and assessments in order to keep its responsible gambling policies updated and effective.

Open Dialogues, a principle which keeps communication flowing between departments and managers within the company but also with its operator partners.

Source: “Responsible Gambling Tips To Elevate Player Experience“. Softswiss. November 10, 2023.

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