SOFTSWISS Identifies 54 Key Performance Indicators for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

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SOFTSWISS, the well-known provider of software and content for online casinos and sports betting websites, has put its experts to work and they came up with a comprehensive list of key performance indicators (KPI) that they consider vital for any iGaming business.

The list is available inside a guide that can be downloaded for free from the SOFTSWISS website. The document is supposed to help increase understanding of the most important key performance indicators in iGaming.

The content available in this guide is divided into four distinct parts:

The Financial Metrics section focuses not only on well-known indicators such as Gross Gaming Revenue and Net Gaming Revenue, but also on some less used but equally important metrics such as Average Revenue Per User, Conversion Rate and Customer Acquisition Cost.

The Player Engagement Metrics chapter underlines the importance of engagement indicators such as Active Players, Depositing Players Count and Total Deposits Sum.

The next section is the Operational Metrics one, and it goes into strategies related to player acquisition and retention, focusing mainly on these indicators’ role in major sporting events.

Last but not least, the Analytical Tools and Trends section goes into the correct usage of real-time dashboards and data warehouses, along with the increasing importance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Developing In The Most Efficient Way

The list of 54 key performance indicators includes a brief definition of each item, along with formula, type and keynote regarding its impact on the business. If we take the example of Net Gaming Revenue, it is described as a top-level key performance indicator, which can provide a clear snapshot of the respective online casino’s financial health.

The close monitoring of this metric allows operators to have a clear evaluation of their operational efficiency and also to make informed decisions regarding the optimization of their operations or about expansion plans.

Speaking about the launch of this guide, Max Trafimovic, Chief Commercial Officer at SOFTSWISS, explained that the company is trying to help online casino and sportsbook operators to “develop their businesses in the most efficient way.”

The SOFTSWISS executive also added that if online casino and sportsbook operators manage to align key performance indicators with business goals, then they “can develop a robust and adaptable strategy that sets them apart in the highly-competitive iGaming landscape.”

This is not the first iGaming guide that SOFTSWISS releases, the company has recently published a comprehensive market report called ‘iGaming in Brazil’. This exclusive report gives people in the industry a clear overview of the Brazilian iGaming scene, a vital tool for companies that might want to launch an online casino or a sportsbook in the respective region.

Source: “SOFTSWISS Shares 54 Vital KPIs for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks“. SOFTSWISS. September 22, 2023.

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