Slotegrator and AI-Powered Innovations Shine at SBC Summit Barcelona!

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The bustling streets of Barcelona welcomed the gaming world to the SBC Summit from September 19th to 21st, 2023. With over 15,000 delegates hailing from various regions, this event stands as one of the industry’s largest gatherings. Among the prominent attendees was Slotegrator, ready to unveil its cutting-edge turnkey online casino solution infused with the prowess of artificial intelligence (AI). As the Catalan capital played host to this grand affair, Slotegrator took center stage to showcase its technological marvels.

Tapping into Spain’s Gaming Enthusiasm

Spain, one of Western Europe’s gaming giants, boasts a combined Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) of a staggering €7.6 billion. The Spanish population’s ardent love for gaming and esports is evident in annual studies, with more than 80% participating in gambling activities between 2010 and 2020, according to Statista. This fervor makes Spain a market ripe with potential and a community deeply invested in gaming.

Slotegrator leveraged the brilliance of the SBC Summit Barcelona to reveal the unique capabilities of its platform, leaving the audience in awe. Here’s a closer look at the innovative features that stole the show:

1. Artificial BI Module: Streamlining Strategic Decision-Making

Slotegrator’s AI-infused platform incorporates an Artificial BI (Business Intelligence) module that streamlines analytical processes and expedites strategic decision-making. This advanced module equips operators with the tools to track crucial analytical data, facilitating a more serious version of their business’s performance. Operators can also compare their profitability and other essential metrics with peers operating in the same market segment, fostering healthy competition.

2. Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT: 24/7 Support and Insights

Enhancing the customer support experience, Slotegrator introduced a responsive chatbot powered by ChatGPT. This ever-ready assistant is available round the clock to guide operators on maximizing their project’s income and address various concerns. The chatbot doesn’t just solve problems; it provides real-time advice and insights, helping operators in navigating the dynamic iGaming industry.

3. Multiplayer Chat Function: Fostering Player Communities

Slotegrator’s loyalty to creating a dynamic player society shines through its multiplayer chat function. This feature delegates players to initiate conversations across the casino’s front pages, promoting networking and community building. It acts as a powerful tool for player retention, supplying an engaging and interactive experience.

In the vibrant backdrop of Barcelona, Slotegrator’s AI-powered innovations took center stage, promising to elevate the online casino experience for operators and players alike.

Commenting on the latest innovation, Yana Khaidukova, Managing Director at Slotegrator said: “We presented the new AI-powered capabilities of Slotegrator’s turnkey online casino solution at one of the industry’s most anticipated events – the SBC Barcelona Summit. We believe in AI and embrace this technology because of its efficiency and inexhaustibility. AI has fantastic potential for development in the areas of accelerated data processing, smart analysis, behavioral detection, and accurate prediction. All these options are useful in the iGaming sphere because they help to save time on routine, time-consuming, but nevertheless essential tasks.”

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