Relax Gaming Shares Its Future Plans When It Comes To Cementing And Expanding Its Presence In Italy

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Relax Gaming, the iGaming aggregator and developer, has worked hard to become what it is today, aka one of the flagship companies globally, by entering into a continuous expansion of its footprint in regulated markets around the world, and Italian regulated market is no exception. Additionally, the aforementioned Italian market has a lot of potential for the firm, and after the official debut of Money Train 4, Relax has become even more popular among Italian players.

In this regard, European Gaming spoke with Relax’s latest Director of Italy, Gianluca Crimaldi, about what the aggregator’s future plans are in Italy and how it will continue to improve itself when it comes to player satisfaction.

Strong reputation

During the interview, Gianluca noted what his main role will be now, since he’s now in charge of Relax’s reputation in Italy. In this regard, the company entered Italy in April of last year and was immediately presented with various opportunities when it comes to making a profit. There is also a strategy that the firm will follow, specifically created for the period until the end of the third quarter of the following year. Furthermore, Gianluca was kind enough to share the developer’s mission when it comes to Italy, which is to “provide a platform for engagement that not only drives differentiation but also entices land-based players to give the world of online a try for the first time,” which is very much important for this specific market because the retail space is the main branch for gaming here and most of the players are retail players.

With the official debut of the Dream Drop Jackpots and Money Train series, Relax has officially become well-known as a strong player here, as Italian gamblers are very responsive to what Relax has presented to them so far. All this led to the great success of Relax Gaming in Italy as mentioned above.

The launch of the final installment of the Money Train series with Betsson’s StarCasino brand

With Money Train 4 being the “key” slot game this year, according to Gianluca, its official debut with Betsson’s StarCasino brand in Italy just ahead of the game’s global debut, showcases Relax’s particular devotion when it comes to Italian players and partners.

Furthermore, the company is doing exceptionally well in Italy, and this is due to knowing when to push and when to pull back when it comes to opportunities and challenges, especially since the Italian regulated market is very complex thanks to country’s regulatory process and skepticism towards online casino. However, that is slowly and steadily changing, and Relax is a prime example of that.

However, what makes the aggregator truly unique in its success in converting players accustomed to land-based casinos and retail market to the online world of gambling is that it provides unique online slots with exciting stories, themes and features. In addition, since players were initially more attracted to classic slot titles, and now prefer modern ones such as the aforementioned Money Train 4, this in itself proves that Relax has become a very valuable asset in the Italian gaming industry.

Source: “Relax Gaming boosts team with key promotion amid plans to boost Italian footprint”, European Gaming, October 23

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