RAW iGaming Debuts RAW Vibe to Increase Player Engagement and Satisfaction

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Malta-based online casino games developer RAW iGaming continues to work hard to prove itself as a state-of-the-art game developer, and the debut of its newest proprietary feature, RAW Vibe, is its latest way of doing so.

RAW Vibe description

In terms of strict definition, this feature is “virtual intelligent behavior engine” powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables the firm to include complex narratives and characters into titles, further resulting in an unprecedented level of player interaction and engagement in its games.

One of the most notable characteristics of the said feature is that players may generate a character with a deep personality, a very engaging back-story and include it into the game’s narrative, instead of the characters being there just for visuals with little or no dialogue as is the case with a large number of slots. In addition, with the mentioned option, players are constantly entertained without ever getting bored of the game, because the monotony that exists in other games is gone. When it comes to monotony, any experience becomes irritating and reduces the overall entertainment value.

Commenting on the RAW Vibe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of RAW iGaming, Tom Wood, commented: “The studio’s latest trademarked feature release shows how AI can be used to deliver new and exciting player experiences. RAW VIBE allows us to really bring in-game personas to life and for their dialogue to be a major part of the player experience for the first time.”

Twisted Toy Tales as the first game to include the RAW Vibe

The function will first see the light of day in a game called Twisted Toy Tales, a one-of-a-kind character-focused game in which 4 teenage heroes battle Juggy, a vicious animatronic toy with a stray AI that is completely dedicated to hunting them down and destroying their victories.

What’s more, the aforementioned Juggy is the first ever AI character included in any slot game and he speaks to players in many languages, which of course is based on the location of the player. This also adds hunting comments during the session as he is able to move freely within the game and may appear anywhere or say anything without players knowing beforehand.

In this regard, Wood added: “Twisted Toy Tales is the first version of VIBE and, as AI develops, so will the ability of VIBE and the characters that use it. This is yet another example of how we push boundaries by leveraging the latest technologies available to us. We look forward to seeing players meet Juggy in Twisted Toy Tales and the other characters that will continue to blend the advances in technology with entertainment value and big win potential.”

Source: “Introducing RAW VIBE, the First AI-powered Virtual Intelligent Behaviour Engine”, European Gaming, October 20, 2023

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