Ortak: the Brand New Investment Product to Make a Splash in the Casino Gaming Industry

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Have you ever heard of Ortak? If not, brace yourselves – because a big innovation in the whole gaming industry is here!

An advanced investment platform

The completely new investment product is on the market now, and fans and experts on a global level can’t wait to see what they can make from it. The project is an investment solution for casino game creators who are interested in cryptocurrencies, but everyone can benefit from it.

This unique and advanced solution gives casino game creators from all around the world an opportunity to sell the shares of their games completely freely. The shares in the games – NFT-slots – can have the price the creators choose, without limitations, as well as the quantities they come up with.

What does that mean for game creators? Basically, any casino game that is live on the market can have its own unique collection of popular NFT-slots that can be sold to fans and the public.

This is great news for players too since they are now able to buy shares of the game they enjoy or see as a good investment, make the investment completely by themselves, and become slot holders for the games of their choice.

The NFT-slots are currently registered on the Bahamut blockchain.

The day of the official launch of Ortak will be the first day of a new era in the casino gaming industry history. The product will be available soon on the Ortak platform, and the users, potential shareholders, and buyers will be able to see everything in the offering, as well as the price of shares of every game. On top of that, they’ll be able to check the percentage of income they can earn if they become shareholders.

The funds the users place as an investment are stored in safe wallets protected by advanced Fireblocks technology that was developed by the biggest cybersecurity organizations in the world.

Young company with a lot of potential

There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Ortak, but the new details about this fantastic innovative solution will be available soon.

Ortak means partner in Turkish, and this is the main mission of the company – to create a network of partners that will help each other benefit from the games and products.

The company was founded in April 2022 by a pair of enthusiasts who wanted to bring the casino gaming business to the next level, Aydın Doğan Yalçındağ and Anıl Mertol. The first customers started using the platform in 2023, and it is expected that it will grow in 2024.

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