IGT Accredited by G4 for Responsible Gaming Practices in Global Gaming and PlayDigital Verticals

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A leading gaming technology and equipment provider, International Game Technology (IGT), has now been accredited by the reputable gaming certification and accreditation body Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4) for responsible gaming operations of the provider’s Global Gaming and PlayDigital verticals.

Renewed Certification

The latest IGT accreditation for responsible gaming practices follows the previous G4 responsible gaming accreditation for the company. IGT was accredited for its sports betting operations in 2022, its digital solutions proved in line with the G4 respective standard already in 2019 while the company’s gaming operations secured the responsible gaming accreditation for IGT as early as in 2017 to showcase the corporate commitment to providing a safe gambling environment.

Wendy Montgomery, IGT SVP, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability reportedly said: “Responsible gaming is embedded into the core of IGT’s business and receiving this G4 accreditation for our Global Gaming and PlayDigital product offerings demonstrates our ongoing commitment to our Sustainable Play initiatives.

Mongtomery added: ‘’IGT was the first industry supplier to earn G4 accreditation for gaming and digital responsible gaming excellence, and the first in the U.S. to be accredited for sports betting. IGT will continue upholding itself and our partners to the highest responsible gaming standards as we promote positive play for all.”

Pieter Remmers, Chairman of the G4 Board of Directors said: “IGT has showcased its responsible gaming commitment and industry leadership year after year, and G4 is pleased to recognize the company’s Global Gaming and PlayDigital operations with accreditation again.’’

Rammers also said: “We applaud IGT’s critical responsible gaming efforts and appreciate all that the Company does to maintain the integrity of gaming globally.”

High Standards

As a reputable accreditation and certification entity, G4 aims to ensure the maintenance of the highest gaming industry standards through a worldwide accreditation and certification of gambling suppliers and service providers. With an aim to minimize the impact of problem gambling, the body conducts audits of industry stakeholders to ensure their adherence to the responsible gaming standards.

The assessment has been conducted with IGT with the goal for the company to maintain the G4 certification. The independent G4 assessment has reportedly proven that the technology supplier has established an elevated level of industry standards in the responsible gambling practices.IGT showcased a high standard in providing players with protection tools and sufficient responsible gaming information.

Accreditation Now Effective

Global Gambling Guidance Group’s audit of the IGT verticals Global Gaming and PlayDigital included responsible gambling guidance for players, as well as the company’s adherence to responsible gaming internal standards and the operational code of practice. Also, the training of staff for responsible gaming practices, protection tools and problem gambling were audited. As G4 found these operations highly compliant, the IGT certification for responsible gaming has now become effective.

Source: “IGT Reaffirms Responsible Gaming Leadership with G4 Certification for Global Gaming and PlayDigital Segments”, European Gaming.November 20, 2023.

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