European Gaming Congress Returns After Three-Year Hiatus

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The European Gaming Congress, an eagerly anticipated event in the iGaming industry, is set to make a big comeback after a three-year hiatus. This year’s edition will take place in Warsaw, the Polish capital, on October 30-31, 2023.

The organizers say that they anticipate the event “to be the industry’s most significant gathering”. The congress will bring together regulators, compliance experts, and top professionals from the gaming industry. The participants will be mainly from Europe but not only, professionals from other continents will also take part.

The European Gaming Congress has a solid history after having taken place for eight years. This time the panel discussions will be led by top players from the gaming industry, or, as the organizers put it, “some of the most influential figures.”

Compliance updates will be a big topic of discussion at the European Gaming Congress. Compliance experts and industry leaders will debate the latest changes in regulations that have taken place in Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Greece, and the Scandinavian countries.

The event will also present a great networking opportunity for industry professionals, there should be quite a few new partnerships emerging following the meetings that will take place at the Warsaw congress. Moreover, with participants from various sectors, the event will be able to put together the gaming industry with blockchain, fintech and artificial intelligence experts.

The panel discussions will be a good chance for participants to find out the latest regulations and market trends. Moreover, the event will also benefit from the participation of C-level executives and government officials, people that have the latest information regarding the industry’s future.

Securing the Future

One of the most important panel discussions at the European Gaming Congress will be the one dedicated to cybersecurity, responsible gaming, artificial intelligence, and anti-money laundering in the gaming industry.

This panel discussion is expected to be “a comprehensive guide to a sustainable future of the iGaming industry.” The panel discussion will be moderated by Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder at HIPTHER, and it underlines the importance of a unified approach to creating a secure and ethical gaming world in a sustainable way.

Cybersecurity, one of the key aspects in this panel discussion, is regarded as “the backbone of the industry, while responsible gaming practices are very important to fostering a culture of healthy gaming.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important in the industry, while AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is also a key component of the online gambling world as it ensures the legitimacy of financial transactions.

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