BetGames Releases the Skyward Crash Game to Make the Market Debut

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BetGames, an award-winning provider of innovative live dealer betting games, has recently launched the Skyward title to make a debut in the crash game market. Despite the tough competition, BetGames launches the Skyward crash game to announce that it will be looking up where it seems sure to belong, as far as the new market position is concerned.

Crash Game Market Entry

The company’s CEO Andreas Koeberl is pleased with the BetGames latest expansion in the booming sector featured by simple yet engaging game play. He says that the company will work to find the best way to integrate the crash sector into its portfolio. At the same time, BetGames will do its best to make the brand stand out from the crowd.

In this respect, the Skyward crash game has been released to drive new players to the platforms run by the provider’s operator partners. Players familiar with the studio’s premier content are expected to opt for the reputable supplier of the new content as well.

Koeberl says: ‘’That’s amazing for us and that comes naturally for the operators as well as a benefit because they can use the crash game, which is a low-margin game, to upsell to our other BetGames products, which usually comes with a margin of more than double. So it makes a lot of sense for operators as well. This is backed up by the early performance since launch which has been extremely encouraging.’’

Skyward Features

As for the competition in the lucrative crash game market, Koeberl says that the company will try add its stamp to the game developments. According to CEO, Skyward is a typical crash game but some game play features, such as Auto Play and Auto Bet, are likely to make the desired appeal to players.

Also, the fast-paced game includes branded animations, as well as the gameplay-based bonus feature that is currently lacking in the market, according to Koeberl.

The decision to move into the crash game sector has been driven by players. Koeberl says: ’’We see this massive overlap within our player profile with rapid play genres like slots and crash, rather than live casino and that overlaps a lot with the slots category, crash games and instant games. That’s also why we dedicated an entire vertical last year to this topic with a couple of titles out now along with Skyward because players simply demand it.’’

Mission and Vision

The company’s mission, according to CEO, is to gradually align players with the company’s operating goals. ‘’Skyward is just a piece of the puzzle,’’ says Koeberl.

As a proven supplier of choice for top-tier operator partners, BetGames seems aware of the market situation and opts for the booming crash sector to try to benefit from the trend.

The provider expects that the expansion across the crash game market will come naturally. The Skyward crash game marks the studio’s debut in the market, with the move aligned with the corporate vision to be the go-to gateway between sports and gaming.

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